Saturday, September 6, 2008


It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Lance G Clenard Sat. August 31,2008 I just received this e-mail from his brother Jeff Clenard.
"Lance was born at Queen of Angels Hospital in Los Angeles on 06-March-1950. He passed away on Saturday, 30-August-2008. He leaves his wife Cindy of 18 years, plus three step-children and one grandchild. Lance and his wife Cindy had just returned from a long walk with their baby grandson. He was relaxing in his easy chair talking to Cindy when he suddenly passed out and collapsed to the floor. He never regained consciousness. An autoposy was not performed as he left his body to an organization for donor parts. It appears, however, that he died either from a massive heart attack, or possibly from a blood clot that travelled to his lungs causing a heart attack. (He had complained of having leg cramps during the walk, and nausia and an upset stomach upon return from the walk.) Services were held on Saturday, 06-September-2008 and the church was overflowing. I do not have an exact headcount, but it appeared to be well over 500, possibly as high as 700. Lance's obituary was published in a suburban Chicago newpaper, but did not contain much in the way of biographical detail. I am in the process of writing a more complete version for publication here in Southern California. I have already been to your blog (nice job by the way) and thank you for posting the news about Lance. I will forward a more recent photo to you later in the week, as well as a little more biographical info. Unfortunately, I will not have access to the pictures until late Friday. I know that Lance had many dear friends from Burbank High School, and from the First Presbyterian Church in Burbank. Please feel free to pass along my email address and cell phone number to anyone who might have an interest in contacting me. Also, the family is trying to collect from friends and family any written comments, anecdotes, or stories about Lance's life. Photographs would be appreciated as well. We would appreciate it if you would be so kind as to pass this word along to anyone who has a story to tell. Remarks can be emailed it to me or sent via traditional postal service to my PO Box at 31915 Rancho California Road, Suite 200-252, Temecula, CA 92591. Lance was very special to a lot of people, and will be missed by all. He never lost his faith in Christ and gave unto others even after death. Thank you again." Jeff Clenard Cell (480) 298-8915 E-mail:


Steven Lester said...

I did not know Lance personally, but I knew of his name and face as a fellow classmate. As Lance was a Christian, as I am, I am reminded of the statement in the Old Testament about the fact that all of our days are numbered unto the Lord, and that Lance, after living a truly inspiring life, with a fine family, and enough friends to attend a funeral numbering perhaps up to 700 people, fully lived the requisite number of days and then died essentially painlessly, as befits such an excellently lived life. What a superb ending of his life, leading to what must be an awakening to glories unimaginable. I am humbled. Who knew that he was that kind of a person. I should have talked with him while I had the chance.

Unknown said...

Another sad passing of a good junior and senior high school friend. I remember we were playing baseball in a league and Lance was playing 1st base. I was at third and had a grounder hit to me. I threw to Lance at first and the runner actually ran into Lance's knee and I know it troubled him for sometime after that but he just walked it off! Bill Reimers